Progr. No. QF51

Development of Preoperative Computer Models which Accurately Predict Answers to all Individual Questions on SRS-22 at 2 year follow up: A Step towards Individualized Medicine

Category 08. Adult deformity (whole spine)
Author Miquel Serra-Burriel
co authors Michael P Kelly , Justin S Smith, Jeffrey L Gum , Ferran Pellisé , Ahmet Alanay , Emre R Acaroglu , Francisco Javier Sánchez Pérez-Grueso , Frank S Kleinstueck, Ibrahim Obeid, Virginie Lafage, Frank J. Schwab, Christopher I. Shaffrey, Douglas C. Burton, Shay Bess, Christopher P. Ames, ESSG European Spine Study Group, ISSG International Spine Study Group
Institution Vall d''Hebron Institute o Research (VHIR), Barcelona, Spain
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